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Fiji Times Online will go to a pay system effective from 3rd January 2019. The Fiji Times has been working hard to develop their online news facility, which now includes availability on desktop, iPad and mobile phones, with all devices also carrying the e-edition of today's paper, facility to search history and past newspapers, picture gallery and more. The need to establish a paywall is to ensure our readers will continue to receive credible, quality news with the online products focussed on not only the e-edition of today's newspaper, but also regular updates during the day covering breaking news. In today's environment of social media it is critical that the newspapers remain balanced and news is credible and well researched. This takes time and money with a well-staffed and equipped newsroom. In order to secure this level of professionalism, some of the costs need to be covered. For our corporate customers and clients, we offer a special rate as follows, annual subscriptions only: * 5 subs at $65 ($325) * 10 subs at $50 ($500) Please subscribe by calling our customer services on 330 4111. As the pay Online is effective as from 3rd January 2019, please take advantage of the great deal and subscribe as soon as possible.

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