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Firstly a big “thank you” to our 350,000 Online and e-edition readers. You will have seen the new developments with the Mobile App, pop-up windows on both e-edition and mobile to make reading of articles easier.

This will enable you to read articles clearly without the need for navigation around the pages. At the Fiji Times we are working towards providing you a world class online product for desktop, iPad and mobile phones.

The major change will be speed of news delivery, easy to access archives, regular updates and availability throughout the day around the world at affordable subscription rates.

Prices : 1 Year at $100.00 FJD, 3 Months at $40.00 FJD, 1 Month at $15.00 FJD
Prices :
1 Year at $100.00 FJD, 3 Months at $40.00 FJD, 1 Month at $15.00 FJD
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