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To: The Fiji Times digital customers, The new developments are now complete with the desktop and iPad showing the e-edition newspaper from around 3am daily.

The new mobile app is also up and running, providing you today’s news, today, 24 hours 7 days a week. The mobile also has an easy to read e-paper available daily at 3am. Just click on the top right button. The strip icon on the top left indicates the menu list available on your mobile.

These options are all available at the click of a button with easy downloads for the app and online digital newspaper. The mobile app logo has just been modified and the download is available from your app store.

These new developments are available to you at no cost, and we trust you will enjoy being kept up to date with the latest news, 24 / 7 around the globe.
Hank Arts
General Manager
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1 Year at $100.00 FJD, 3 Months at $40.00 FJD, 1 Month at $15.00 FJD
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